The first major vehicle in Russia, that allow the movement of things in a different city, was the coach. The heyday of his era came in the early nineteenth century. This is the time of the industrial boom in Tsarist Russia, which was badly in need of mass transportation. Stagecoaches were very helpful. They can travel thousands of kilometers, often unequipped, bumpy road. To carry the furniture to another city as easy as a stagecoach.

In addition, stagecoaches successfully performed the function of modern long-distance buses, carrying on the specified routes dozens of people. Surprisingly, stagecoaches so fond of passengers, even with the advent of the railway, many have not abandoned horsepower. Locomotives, unlike Houston moving company, needed time to win over freight traffic and passenger traffic.

With the help of coaches also carried out transportation of goods to another city. If it was necessary to carry precious cargo, by Stagecoach puts armed guards, because the nineteenth century - not the most peaceful time in Russia. The rate of this type of transport beloved rarely exceed 15 miles per hour, regardless of the classification of the goods, even if it was necessary to carry the furniture to another city.

By and large, stagecoaches - a powerful fortified horse-drawn carriage. There are several types: passenger, cargo and vans. In such a vast country as Russia, stagecoaches played a significant role as the transport of passengers, and at the same shipping. Incidentally, they do not differ.

Chassis was the most primitive, without shock absorbers, and because the course was very tough coaches. In addition, most running flight Moscow - St. Petersburg takes about five days. Halts were made only to change horses and replenish food and water. Source:

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