The managing company Storm International (Michael Boettcher is the founder) implemented the "Responsible Gaming" program in Georgia. It was introduced in Shangri La casino, like in any other casino, in 2013. As a result, Shangri La Tbilisi became the first casino in Georgia, in which this initiative was implemented.

As the CEO of Storm International, Daren Keane, stated at the press conference that the company has always paid great attention to and observed the international standards of gaming operations, including the attitude to those risks that imply an excessive interest in gambling.

"We want guests to have fun and enjoy themselves, although there is a small percentage of such people who find it difficult to control their excitement and that they harm not only themselves, but also close ones and friends. Our duty is to help such people within our capabilities and inform them", Keane said.

The "Responsible Gaming" program, which is implemented in Storm International institutions, provides for the distribution of informational brochures in the casino, the provision of advice to dependent players, and voluntary inclusion in the so-called "black list".

All the employees of the unit are obligatory trained in the Responsible Gaming. One of the most important skills taught to the staff is the identification of potentially dependent players. Also, the croupier and other personnel are trained in communicating with such guests. The casino does everything possible so that the games do not have unpleasant consequences for the player and for their relatives.

Shangri La Tbilisi is located in the historical part of Tbilisi at The Bridge of Peace and is the most modern and sophisticated gambling establishment in Georgia. The casino offers visitors popular table games, and a wide choice of slot machines. The complex also includes a club and a restaurant.

Shangri La casino in Tbilisi implemented the