The Responsible Gaming program is a unique experience for the CIS gambling market, Storm International, Darren Keane, the company's CEO said, began to develop the foundation for this initiative more than 10 years ago.

"Responsible gaming" was created in order to introduce strict quality control in all Storm International divisions, and prevent the appearance of gambling addiction among visitors. The program began to operate in Moscow casinos of the company, which worked successfully before the changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation. Now, when Shangri La, Darren Keane said, network is scattered over different countries, "Responsible Gaming" works in all of them.

In all institutions of Storm International there are strict age limits. Personnel undergo special training to distinguish signs of gambling addiction and to be able to stop guests who show them. Casinos distribute special booklets and brochures. For all interested players, consultations are held.

Also, in Shangri La, there is a practice of self-listing on the black list. The opportunity for relatives to bring visitors with signs of dependence into the black list is realized too.

At the moment, Storm International follows the practices accepted in Europe and the US in many casinos with a good reputation. For the CIS countries, programs to combat gambling are quite new and they are used by a very small percentage of gambling houses.

At the same time, "Responsible Gaming" gives results, which causes considerable interest among all market participants. Storm International is in some way a pioneer. Nevertheless, the program is implemented in all Shangri La casinos in four countries: Latvia, Belarus, Georgia, and Armenia. And this is another reason why players respect Storm International, returning again and again to where they are taken care of.